AGOLDE is an established jeans clothing brand that has made the runway in the 90s and returned in 2014 with a new and even hotter line of denim wear. Known for their irreverent designs, Agolde provides a collection of premium jean clothing for women using a fusion of vintage and modern stylings.

Discover the unique AGOLDE collection of denim pants, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets and tops with Blue Ox Box. No matter what your sense of style is, you can find something for all seasons in our AGOLDE jeans collection, including favorites like AGOLDE Jamie jeans paired with AGOLDE Alik Balloon Sleeve Denim Jacket in Caliber over a printed or solid colored top. We have all types of jeans you need to enjoy every season, that feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

With the range of AGOLDE high rise slim-fit, stretch or skinny jeans pants, straight and bootcut pants, cropped wide legged loose fit jeans pants, mid rise loose fit jeans pants and shorts, cut off mom shorts and boyfriend shorts, long length slim shorts, mid-rise and hi-rise mini skirts and long skirts, and denim jackets, there is a style for every woman. Although these collections are all denims, you can be sure to find various designs, cuts and colors for various occasions.

The entire collection might not be exactly true to size, has its own unique AGOLDE SIZING, so it’s best to pay attention to the AGOLDE size chart for reference.

The AGOLDE line also features cotton tops and accessories. This includes AGOLDE sweatshirts, oversized tees, bodysuits, tank tops and the AGOLDE Fall 2019 organic cotton tote bag collection. The selection of tops, like the denim collection, are made with quality materials sourced from all around the world. They also feature various colors and styles suitable for everyday, casual, party and business wear.

Our AGOLDE collection can suit any lifestyle. Explore your modern chic or vintage chic, boho chic, mom chic or party chic looks according to your stylistic mood. Blue Ox Boutique seeks to fulfill the needs of all our trendy and chic shoppers! As such, we will continue to expand our collection to provide you with the best premium-quality trendy clothing from brands that you know and love.

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AGOLDE is a proud local brand that aims to provide premium denim and other clothing that is ethically made. The San Francisco based brand also prides itself on using the most eco-friendly techniques to make their designs.

Our collection of AGOLDE clothing is not only fashionable, unique and premium but also made with love and care.

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