Rain + Rose

Rain + Rose is a contemporary women’s fashion line based in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing inspiration from Los Angeles' effortlessly cool, fashion-forward culture, Rain + Rose delivers unique, timeless designs that transform a wardrobe and transcend trends. 

We’ve come a long way to get here today - 20 years ago Rain and Rose started with an idea and grew to become your go-to sweater brand you know and love today!

We believe that you endure the Rain and hardships in life in order to enjoy the Roses we are blessed with!

Our inspiration comes from the effortlessly cool LA culture and pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion. We thrive on bringing fashion to life that makes people smile and know that they are unstoppable.

Their Philosophy

We believe in the power of a fresh outfit, perfectly curated to show your personal style with a cozy-soft, effortless fit.