Sun Bum

Sun Bum Baby Bum Mineral Based Sunscreen Stick

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As a Southern California Mom our household goes through plenty of sunscreen regardless of the season. My daughter has extremely sentisitive skin which is why I'm constantly on the look for natural skin products including the sunscreen I have to use on her almost daily. Baby Bum Sunscreen stick is by far my favorite sun screen I've tried so far! First off the ingredients include all the hypoallergenic oils I use daily including coconut oil. Secondly the sunscreen is Paraben, Phthalate and fragrance free . The size itself is the best part in my opinion as I can throw the stick in my bag or baby bag without worrying about adding another 5 lbs to it! I have to add that the coverage so sheer compared to traditional Zinc based suncreens which leave your skin white. Overall great product for busy Moms who don't want chemicals in their sunscreen. I also use this on my face too!