Safaria Earrings
Safaria Earrings
Safaria Earrings
Safaria Earrings
Tree Myriah

Tree Myriah - Safaria Earrings

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~Gold fill.
~Rainbow moonstone.
~Earrings measure 1 1/4" long.

You found the perfect earrings to pair with  your wedding gown or that cocktail dress your obsessed with! The Safaria Earrings add a simple touch of dainty sophistication to any outfit. They feature gold and iridescent rainbow moonstones that glow when the light touches them. With just the right amount of effortless glamour our Safaria Earrings show you less is sometimes more.

-Jewelry Care-
I recommend removing jewelry before:
~Applying makeup, lotion, perfume or any other beauty products.
~Bathing or swimming.
~Cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals of any kind. 
~If your jewelry does come into contact with water gently pat dry.