Free People

Blue Ox Boutique is one of the most reliable, authentic Free People retail locations where you can always find the perfect outfit for your boho-chic lifestyle. We believe that what you wear should tell a story. In fact, the rule is that every piece of clothing should tell their own story, a story that shows that you are living your life to the fullest. Essentially, your outfit should express what you believe in and embrace your inner most feelings; your truest self.

We provide a wide range of options with Free People, which is an American bohemian apparel and lifestyle clothing brand for women. The relaxed Free People bohemian clothing brand features mini and maxi dresses, feminine blouses, cozy sweaters, and vintage style clothing and accessories. A collection of alluring intimates and organic beauty products rounds out their complete style offerings that help you express your own feelings and personality.

Our extensive Free People collection is not only trendy and fashionable but speaks volumes. It helps to facilitate a liberated lifestyle and connects you to yourself and to nature. It also embraces a philosophy of ‘more is more,’ a total contrast to the typically conservative and minimalist fashion style. It is a level of courage for risk-taking and knowing that the risks are worth taking. It is having a level of confidence and elegance.

We’ll meet your multifaceted lifestyle with all your favorites; from your Free People blue moon romper to your Free People sweater tights to your Free People midnight tee to your Free People wrap pullover. We stock everything you need to enjoy all the seasons in laidback silhouettes, breezy materials, and undone ease.

Embrace the artist in you by embracing the unusual and unconventional. When you shop Free People clothing, you are acknowledging a chic and free-spirited way of life and sense of fashion. Every piece of the Free People clothing collection is full of color and culture. Express your own identity through a style that you can truly make your own, by combining pieces from the all-American collection that speak to you - one that suits a lifestyle that doesn't exactly fit into today’s society and ideals.

The very inclusive brand spans a wide selection of trendy tops, cool shoes, flowing pants, and beautiful dresses for women of various sizes, colors and patterns that suits people from all walks of life all around the world. Whether you’ve just been introduced to its laid back, breezy and carefree nature or not, you'll fall in love with the boho-chic style collection, which you can have shipped straight to your door when purchased online!

Discover the latest trends at Free People; what's new, what's trending, and what’s on sale via the Blue Ox Boutique collections. We add to our collection every day to provide you with a one-stop premium shopping experience.