“Trends arise from knowledge that is learned, while creative self-expression comes from within.”

 Poppy California features batch offerings of whimsical apparel, incense, and ritual tools + gifts for all the dreamy people out there. Our offerings are created local, slow, ethical and with love in divine timing and we believe this transfer of energy can inspire an awakening of the creative power we each hold.

What began as an epiphany, which is described as “an experience of a sudden and striking realization”, poppy has transformed into a quest to bridge the gap between the real world and dream world. 

The dream world you say? Our envisioning of the dream world allows you to define your ideal self through creative self-expression without causing harm. This may take the form of a transformative experience, or a time your heart was open and filled with an undeniable whim.

The spirit of Poppy is to inspire those to take a leap into the dream world…

Our clothing is versatile and is intended to be styled to each individual’s style for navigating the various scenes and spaces in daily life. By embracing slow fashion, the release of new clothing is limited and will not mimic the traditional fashion calendar. We use high quality fabric that is made to order and deadstock from European mills. each piece is handcrafted at an independent local studio - keeping our supply chain short.

Each and every Poppy item is packaged with compostable/recyclable materials and zero plastic. Apothecary offerings are in zero-waste packaging and we work with member-owned cooperatives to source our flowers and herbs.

We also believe in being a part of the change. A percentage of every purchase is donated to the Indigenous People's Movement. A grassroots organization that strives to unite Indigenous people around the world to stand together and bring awareness to issues affecting Indigenous peoples.

Poppy is a new experiment that is constantly evolving. Come take the journey with us…