Root & Bones - Rose 2.25 oz.
Root & Bones - Rose 2.25 oz.
Root & Bones

Root & Bones - Rose 2.25 oz.

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All our girls are loving this new formula form Root And Bones

Our Rose 10:1 dual extract is used to support the blood, by regulating the qi, stomach and spleen. Rose is a “qi” tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also helps ease painful menstruations.

Pin Yin: Mei Gui Hia
English: Rose
Latin: Rosa rugosa
Properties: sweet, slightly bitter, warm
Channels: Liver, Spleen
Key Characteristics: gently regulate the qi and blood, harmonize the liver, spleen and stomach, regulate menstruation.
Indications: Promotes the movement of qi and relieves tension. Harmonizes the blood and disperses stasis for irregular or painful menstruation, 

Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed. *